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My Home
is my Box

One house is completed

The house, which is
situated near the railway (south side)
is built and completely rented.

3d_haeuserActually all flats are inhabeted, the contracts with the tenants are unlimited.

Therefore there is no possibility to predict, when a room will be free again.
If you are interested, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail.

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Living together
or single student


All rooms are equipped in the same way. Two rooms form one apartment. If the door linking the two rooms is open it feels like living in a commune. If the door is closed everyone is undisturbed. For studying, being lazy or whatever.

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All in one

Community flats share kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities. The most private areas. The closest green area can only be found in a park? No way! Our studio apartments afford luxury and try to give the best. Quality of living is being redefined.

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Living in
the midst of nature

More than 1000 m2 of undeveloped area area waiting to be redesigned and inhabited. Outdoor spaces can be used as the inhabitants wish—enjoying the green area, personal retreat or community meeting, traffic and parking area. Based on this idea community activities can be created and social aspects appreciated and valued.

Located in a dead end street leading toward the cemetery, the train station is directly in front of you; the bus station is easily reachable on foot. The nearest highway connection from Tulln to Klosterneuburg and Vienna is the B14. Maria Gugging is 10 minutes by car and 14 minutes by bus. The train takes you in 10 minutes to Tulln and after a few more minutes you reach the research and university campus.

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Living in the heart of the action

Klosterneuburg – Tulln – Vienna

The house is situated in Tulln field (Tullnerfeld) and on the edge of the Vienna Woods. The natural diversity of the absolute lowland to the rolling meadows and forests, just outside the front door.

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