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All in one

Community flats share kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities. The most private areas. The closest green area can only be found in a park? No way! Our studio apartments afford luxury and try to give the best. Quality of living is being redefined.

Private living quarters have to include all important functions:

  • Living
  • Sleeping
  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Bathroom facilities

But we don’t want to share!

In accordance with the motto: My home is my box.

Which means that every accommodation unit needs to be completely independent.
Everybody has got his own sanitary, cleaning and cooking facilities.


The flats are furnished with bed, desk, wardrobe, kitchenette, bathroom and toilet, even dishes and mattress are present.
There is even enough space for your personal car parking space and a community garden with a leisure time meeting room.

To start the living experience within reach of the countryside you just need to pack your toothbrush, laptop and bedding—and enjoy!

Comfort Box – nomen est omen.


Comfort and
quality of living

All apartments are equipped with ventilation.

This ensures the air exchange in the bathroom. Windows with 3 panels of glass and shading on the south side of the house keep the noise and the heat outside.

Modern method of construction

Bricks are one of the oldest but nevertheless perfect products, which guarantee all the requirements of modern living today. They regulate temperature and moisture changes of the whole building. No other material is as good as bricks.