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Living in the heart of the action

Klosterneuburg – Tulln – Vienna

The house is situated in Tulln field (Tullnerfeld) and on the edge of the Vienna Woods. The natural diversity of the absolute lowland to the rolling meadows and forests, just outside the front door.

And we are surrounded by absolutely attractive cities:

Tulln offers as district capital …

at least since the redesign of the main square a lot of flair. Research and university facilities are springing up and are attractive places of work or study.

Vienna …

is always one of the most livable cities in the world.

Klosterneuburg …

is one of the most expensive places around Vienna and with the research campus IST Austria in Maria Gugging it┬┤s one topchart of the industry worldwide.


Research Campus, Klosterneuburg, Tulln and the Danube are nearby.